Do a thorough online search for a Journal article that addresses “ Trends in Corporate Sustainability Reporting”.

The term paper for this course requires you to do the following: 1. Do a thorough online search for a Journal article that addresses “ Trends in Corporate Sustainability Reporting”. Your paper can focus on a specific country such as the United States, United Kingdom, the European Union, the Developing Countries, Japan, or specific industries such as gas and oil, pharmaceuticals, or specific companies such as Johnson and Johnson, General Electric, Boeing, Ford Motor company, etc. This topic may be covered under different references such as environmental reporting, corporate social responsibility, carbon disclosures, Greenhouse gases, etc. There are also International and National organizations that research on and monitor activities under any one of these titles, for example, the World Bank, the Unites States the Environment Protection Agency, the International Standards Organization. 2. You can also use the annual corporate financial reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commision. 3. The Librarian assigned to the College of Business can assist you in your search. 2. Write a 750-1000 word summary of the article you have identified. 3. The format of your paper should be as follows: a) Cover page: i) Your Name , Course title, Semester and year ii) Title of the article you have reviewed iii) The author (s) full names and their affiliation iv) Name of the Journal, Place and Date of publication Written Report (in your own words. No more than one third of your report should consist of quoted materials. Font Size 12 with 1” margins). The following subheadings or paragraphs should be used: i) Introduction ii) Problem being investigated iii) Method of investigation iv) findings v) conclusions NOTE: You will be penalized (heavy) if your written report does not adhere to the format given above.

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