Drinking and Driving

Instruction & Requirements:
Source Requirements: This research based speech must have at least 5 cited sources. The citations must be written within the speech outline, orally cited in the speech and on a reference page in APA. Only one may be an internet reference. The rest must come from print sources.

Speech Organization: The following structure is employing the Problem – Cause – Solution format. Additionally, I need to have an Introduction, Transition, and a Conclusion.

I. Introduction:

A. Attention

B. Thesis

C. Significance (This should be a source)

D. Preview


II. Problem:

In this section you need to demonstrate the harms of my speech. Answer the questions \”Why is the current situation bad?\” and \”Why do we need to change it?\” I have burden of proof.


III. Causes:

In this section you must clearly explain why the situation currently exist. These causes to the problem must directly relate to the problem. Stock causes are lack of awareness, knowledge, understanding or laziness.


IV. Solutions:

A. Government Solution – Here you must explain what the government can

do to help solve the problem.

B. Personal Solution – In this area you must tell the audience exactly what to do to help solve or cure this problem that currently exist.

V. Conclusion:

A. Review

B. Final Moment

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