EE for the IB diploma on any topic.

EE rubric A: Research Question (2 marks) Top marks: RQ is clearly stated in the introduction and sharply focused making effective treatment possible within the word limit. B: Introduction (2 marks) Top marks: The context of the research question is clearly demonstrated. The introduction clearly explains the significance of the topic and why it is worthy of investigation. C: Investigation (4 marks) Top marks: An imaginative range of appropriate sources has been consulted, and relevant material has been carefully selected. The investigation has been well planned. D: Knowledge and understanding of the topic studied (4 marks) Top marks: The essay demonstrates a very good knowledge and understanding of the topic studied. Where appropriate, the essay clearly and precisely locates the investigation in an academic context. E: Reasoned argument (4 marks) Top marks: Ideas are presented clearly and in a logical and coherent manner. The essay succeeds in developing a reasoned and convincing argument in relation to the RQ. F: Application of analytical and evaluative skills (4 marks) Top marks: The essay shows effective and sophisticated application of appropriate analytical and evaluative skills. G: Use of language appropriate to psychology (4 marks) Top marks: The language used communicates clearly and precisely. Psychological terminology is used accurately, with skill and understanding. H: Conclusion (2 marks) Top marks: An effective conclusion is clearly stated; it is relevant to the RQ and consistent with the evidence presented in the essay. It should include unresolved questions related to the investigation where appropriate. I: formal presentation (4 marks) Focus on the extent to which the layout, organization, appearance and formal elements of the essay consistently follows a standard format: Title page, table of contents, page numbers, illustrative material, quotations, documentation (including references, citations and bibliography) and appendices (if used). Top marks: The formal presentation is excellent. J: abstract (2 marks) Top marks: All the requirements of the abstract are met:(1) clear statement of RQ, (2) how the investigation was undertaken, and (3) the conclusion. Abstract may not exceed 300 words. K: Holistic judgment (4 marks) Top marks: The essay shows considerable evidence of intellectual initiative, depth of understanding and insight.


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