Read pages 11 and 12 of Gee (until he begins talking about Vygotsky). Mark up your text: underline or highlight the most important sentences or clauses of each paragraph, look up vocabulary that\’s unfamiliar and jot down definitions in the margins, ask questions, mark passages you don\’t understand with a question mark in the margins, etc.Then answer the following four questions. The document you upload should be at least 300 words in length.1. On page 11, Gee claims that \”all writing and reading is embedded in some Discourse, and that Discourse always involves more than writing and reading.\” What relevance does that claim have for our current project?2. Explain in your own words the point Gee is making in the paragraph that begins \”Now, there are many Discourses connected to schools . . . .\”3. What experience(s) have you had with the \”superficial features of language\” being used as gate-keepers (Gee 11)?4. When you think back on the assignment you\’re using for the DAWA Project, what do you think you learned about the Discourse represented by that assignment? To what extent was the instructor interested in the content of your assignment, and to what extent did they focus on \”signals\” (as Gee calls them) that indicate you\’re the \”right sort of person\” (that is, someone who understands and is becoming enculturated in the  Discourse)?

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