Essay/implementation plan

  Choose one of the following 3 pedagogical responses reviewed in class: Multicultural Education, Sociocultural Theory, or Funds of Knowledge. Address the following components in essay format: a. Definition/Description: Identify and define the pedagogical response you chose in your own words. Describe how this pedagogical response addresses cultural diversity. b. Implementation Plan: Outline an implementation plan/action plan for applying this pedagogical response to your teaching. Provide clear, tangible and practical actions and strategies. Here are some guiding questions:i. How would you implement this in your classroom?ii. What challenges do you anticipate and how would you address those?iii. What benefits would this provide to your students? c. Rationale/Justification: Provide your rationale and justification for electing this particular pedagogical response. Here again are some guiding questions:i. Why did you choose this response?ii. What most draws you to it/makes it appealing to you?iii. Why not the others?iv. Why does it fare better in comparison?v. What challenges does this pedagogical response present to your teaching?vi. How would your students’ learning be impacted by experiencing this pedagogical response?vii. How does this pedagogical response align with your own personal philosophy of teaching and learning?

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