European Refugee Crisis-Case of Hungary

Instruction & Requirements:
Follow below comments:

Your thesis should include a literature review. Where exactly does your piece of research fit into the academic debate, the plethora of such scholarship to which you refer on p. 7? The fact that various literature will be used for this analysis indicates a qualitative analysis. This is not bad either, but it makes it even more important to locate your research project in the existing literature. What is it exactly that you want to add to the existing debate(s)?

The Chapter 2 is the literature review which I would like the writer to work on, so currently does not exist of course. I just mentioned it so that he/she knows how I would like him to structure it or under which chapter his part should be added. Anyway, it is not that important as long as it is written. Indeed, I should not have mentioned page 7 as it has been revised in the meantime, so it cannot be found on page 7 anymore. Hope to have informed you sufficiently.

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