Evaluate if the company represents a good investment opportunity.

Instruction & Requirements:
You be the VC assignment instructions.

At the end of each chapter there are two companies featured in a section called You be the VC. VC stands for Venture Capitalist which is an investor that funds startup companies aiming to grow. For this assignment please select ONE of the startups featured at the end of chapter for any of the chapters that are assigned for a particular week. The You be the VC companies assigned for each week can be found in the You be the VC company assignment schedule by week document posted on Blackboard in the You be the VC instructions content folder.

For the company you select, you are to evaluate if the company represents a good investment opportunity. To do this you will need to respond to two questions that are based upon the two questions that follow each pitch. However, please follow the instructions given here instead of the questions in the textbook.

1) Part 1, based upon the material covered in this chapters for the week, what questions would you ask the firms founders before making your funding decision? Please form THREE questions. Base your three questions on concepts and information covered in one or more of chapters covered for the week. Then provide three responses to your questions based upon content covered in the chapter(s). Full points will be given to responses that apply concepts from the chapter(s) and develop those concepts. This will likely require at least three sentences for each response to your three questions. Also, please indicate/cite the page number from the textbook that relates to the information that you applied in your response.

2) Part 2, If you had to make your decision on just the information provided in the pitch and from information discovered from your internet research (e.g., the company website and from other information on the internet such as other media reports on the company) would you fund (provide investment money to) this company? Why or why not? In your arguments justifying your decision also include a counter argument, that is, depending on your decision what characteristics of the company or its market would support the opposite point of view? For full points, you will need to make multiple arguments justifying your decision.

To complete the two parts, you will first need to research the company that you selected for this assignment. You can do this by first reading the pitch/information on the company in the textbook. Then research the companys website to learn more about the companys history, aspirations, founders, customers, etc. I find that the about us section of a web site can be helpful here. Finally, do an internet search on the company to find additional press reports or analysis on the company. Some company websites will have a press section that includes links to media reports/articles on the company.

You can post your response to the You be the VC assignment in the You be the VC instruction content folder on blackboard. Please review the two examples provides in this content folder as well. Each assignment is worth 15 points. Nine points for part 1 (3 points for each questions and response) and six points for part 2. Please post your assignment by the due dates. Late assignments will be accepted until one week after the due date and assessed a 20% penalty.

Attached is a example of the layout

This will need to cover Ch 4 \”You be the VC\” : 4.1 Zagster

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