Evaluate the attractiveness of three potential new markets.

Assume that you have been asked by a US based company to evaluate the attractiveness of three potential new markets. (You will be randomly assigned the set of three markets). For your set of markets, you must evaluate and compare the country attractiveness for a particular type of product, i.e. product category. You must choose a product category from the list below for the context of your analysis:


a) Sports/Energy Drink

b) Fast Food Restaurant

c) Makeup/Cosmetic line


Note: You choose only a product category, not a specific brand. So even though McDonald’s is in the fast food category, your analysis should not be about McDonald’s. The analysis should be about fast food restaurants in general. The same applies to the other possible categories.


Your report should compare the attractiveness of the three countries – all within the context of your product category. Based on your analysis, you must explicitly recommend one country over the others and justify your recommendation.

The country are :





Recommended resources:
Passport Global Market Information Database

2,500 – 3,000 words; 1” margins; Font: Times New Roman size 12; APA style references and in-text citations


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