Explai the meaning of Infection control and prevention.

Instruction & Requirements:
Using a critical incident approach, students will critically appraise applicable infection prevention and control protocols, taking account of contemporary issues and debates in this field.

Details :

As you know we can only control infection with a range of practices. We should always want to identify the extent of the problem, minimise the spread of infection and prevent repeats of spread of infection.

We can assume that infection related biological events are critical incidents. These incidents always occur within a specific social, cultural and political context. This assignment enables you to explore these and then report on them.

The context for the cluster of infection may be something close to your home and practice or something far away from you that intrigues you for specific reasons. The infection cluster may affect many people with regularity or a few people annually, the choice is yours.

You may write the assignment with a main parts as follows. You may modify this structure. However you may make sure you include all components and that each is identified clearly.

Overview – identify and briefly outline details of a cluster of infection. This could be any infection, any where in the world, in any clinical or non clinical care environment.

Event – justify why you chose this cluster, why it is significant, to whom and in what terms. In order to do this, analyse the relevant evidence, and some of the issues and debates around

– the origins of the pathogen (for example, it\’s biological group and whether it exists naturally, or due to bioterrorism etc ).

– the prevalence of it.

– the relevant morbidity and mortality (particularly in humans ).

The cycle of information, then analyse current knowledge (for this pathogen and cluster only ) around

.the relevant reservoirs

.the portal of exit

.the modes of transmission

.the portal of entry

.susceptible hosts

Positive and negative interaction and action

Analyse the apparent positive work ( perhaps to break the chain ) of the range of responders to and managers of,the infection cluster. Consider the impact of the political arena and the media (if this is relevant )

Analyse the apparent negative work (perhaps info ignoring links in the chain )of the range of responders to, and managers of,the infection cluster. Consider the impact of the political arena and the media ( if this is relevant )

The plan (interventions for harm )

Use your analysis and work above, and any other relevant literature and identify some aims regarding the infection cluster. Produce a clear plan to who (at what level )should /could do reduction, elimination or eradication

-what, when and why, make sure each part of your plan is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and with a sense of a time scale

Conclusion -summarise your work and draw appropriate conclusion.

Reflect on your use of the infection prevention and control

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