Explain a Manager, Operations Performance Task

Instruction & Requirements:
The goal of the exercises below is to simulate the work for the Manager, Operations position in the Office of

Instructional Practice. Simulated exercises give candidates an opportunity to get a sense of the type of work

associated with the role, and also allow us to observe how a candidate might approach the work.

Part A

As the Operations Manager, you are responsible for managing the budget. As part of that work stream, one of

your primary responsibilities is to provide regular updates to the Chief and Chief of Staff about the status of the

budget. Using this simulated budget dataset, please complete the following exercises.

1. Create an analysis of School As FY16 Operating budget:

a. Determine the Sum of Appropriated Balance, the Sum of Expended Balance, and the Sum of

Available Balance for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 by creating a pivot table using Org Codes 1202 (Teacher

Support), 1203 (Central Office Support), 1204 (School Leader Support), 1205 (Operations), and

1206 (Human Capital Support).

b. Determine the percentage of School As FY16 budget (Sum of Appropriated Balance) categorized

as Teacher Support, Central Office Support, School Leader Support, Operations, and Human

Capital Support.

c. Determine the budget (Sum of Appropriated Balance) categorized as Personnel Salaries + Fringe

(CSG 0011, 0012, 0013, 0014, 0015), Supplies (CSG 0020), Professional Services (CSG 0040),

Contractual (CSG 0041), Stipends (0050), and Technology/Equipment (CSG 0070).

d. Determine the percentage of School As FY16 budget (Sum of Appropriated Balanced) categorized

as Personnel Salaries + Fringe, Supplies, Professional Services, Contractual, Stipends, and


2. Using that data analysis, create a 1-page memo that provides an overview of the FY16 budget for the

Principal of School A. The memo should include the data above, and explain the general breakdown of the

budgets core components, as well as highlight any budget or spending trends.

Part B

As the Operations Manager, you will work closely with other offices in DCPS to resolve budget and procurement

related issues. Using the simulated scenario for School A below, please complete the following exercise.

School A works with a highly-valued vendor that recently reached out stating they have yet to receive a purchase

order for a $100,000 contract that was submitted 5 months prior. The contracts office typically takes about 2

months to issue a purchase order for a contract of this size; however, a delay of 3 months is an indicator that

something is amiss in the process. School A urgently needs to begin working with the vendor to complete the

scope of the work as detailed in the contract, so it is critical that the purchase order be issued as soon as possible.

You regularly connect with the contracts team for status updates, but no movement has been made in the last 3


Please use the content above to draft two separate emails to the following stakeholders:

1. The contracts team to request an update on the status of the purchase order, and reiterate the urgency of

this request.

District of Columbia Public Schools Page 2 of 2

Manager, Operations Performance Task

2. The vendor updating them on the timeline and informing them of your efforts in resolving this situation as

quickly as possible.

In addition to drafting the emails, please separately explain the following:

1. Your priorities/approach to your email.

2. A description of any other strategies (in addition to emailing) that you might use to resolve this si

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