Explain , evaluates gaps, inconsistencies and limitations of your origination\’s approach.

Instruction & Requirements:
1.This is a research about Cyber Romance for Sociology course named Information Society. The research should introduces, summarizes and discusses the problematic behaviour [Catfishing].

2.Use 5-10 sources to profile at least one organization that intervenes with this problem.

3.Critically evaluates gaps, inconsistencies and limitations of your origination\’s approach.

4.Use as much information as possible form the textbook \”The Cyber Effect, Mary Aiken\”. especially chapter 6 \” Cyber Romance\”. Here is a link to the textbook


5. must use the article I attached to the attachments \”The online dating romance scam: causes and consequences of victimhood\”. Note from the prof. relate to that article \”I\’ve found an article that I\’d like you to think about/write about as you put together your research brief on responses to catfishing.\”

6.you can reference the Catfish TV show to introduce your topic.

7. Two things for you to do as you get started: One is to try to find an organization (such as a self help group or advocacy group, or perhaps a police agency?) that deals with catfishing (either through addressing criminal fraud, supporting, victims, or raising awareness). The research should focus on explaining how and why the organization operates as it does.

The second thing to think of: You will need to find some peer-reviewed articles from the social sciences (sociology, but perhaps also crime or psych if you can\’t find sociological sources). You will need to use those sources to help contextualize your organization and discuss the work that they do. In that light, the articles can do anything from discuss factors that lead to catfishing (you can then ask yourself whether your organization addresses any underlying factors/vulnerable populations) to program assessments that have been done that either directly pertain to your organization or to similar efforts elsewhere in the world.

8. Altogether, you will need to find at least 2-3 sources about your organization (websites, news) and a few (3-5) peer reviewed sources about catfishing to provide context.

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