Explain How do the themes you identify relate to your practice?

Instruction & Requirements:
Please use the following as a set of guidelines for your writing:

a. List 3-5 key themes of reading.

i. Focus on the big ideas within the chapters/report. I chose the word theme purposefully to suggest synthetic premises, topics, and/or arguments. Im looking for you to come away from the reading with a conceptual understanding of the thinking in the chapter or report.

ii. Describe each in enough detail so that when we discuss these ideas in class you will be able to remember why you identified the theme as important. It may be useful to note specific page numbers from the text so that you will be able to locate salient information/material quickly. It is not necessary, nor is it advisable, to quote the text in your paper. Instead, your response paper should focus attention on discussion of the questions in (b) listed below. It is also acceptable that the majority of your reflection address in detail only 1 (or 2) of themes you have identified.

b. How do the themes you identify relate to your practice?

i. In what ways do you see these themes surfacing in your school or in schools more generally?

ii. What policy has been created to address this theme? What outcomes were to have been achieved through policy related to this theme?

iii. What tensions have been created by the development and implementation of policy decisions related to this theme?

iv. How has progress toward meeting the outcomes policy related to this theme been evaluated?

c. What questions do you have? What are other issues that you were not fully addressed through the reading?

Overall, your written work will be assessed using the following broad criteria:

1. Identification of concepts reflected in the readings, and your ability to pick the most salient themes/concepts.

2. Creativity and imagination; papers provide an opportunity to speculate, to float questions or ideas reflecting your understanding of the reading and its relation to your practice.

3. Organization and writing. A clear, concise, and well-organized reflection of your thinking and understanding of the topics and issues at hand.

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