Explain the film with information in your textbook and online lessons concerning the same time period or event.

Instruction & Requirements:
HISTORY 101: History of Western Civilization Middle Ages to 1789


View a movie that has the Middle Ages as its theme. Write a twoto threepage paper about that film covering the following information:

A. Bibliographical Information

This should be at the beginning of the paper and should include the name of the film, the year it was released, major stars, and the name of the director.

B. Summary

Summarize the major topics, events, ideas, and time periods covered in the film. The summary should be no more than one page in length.

C. Comparison

the film with information in your textbook and online lessons concerning the same time period or event. Give specific examples of similarities and differences.

D. Evaluation

Evaluate the movie as an historical source. Does the screenwriter appear to have researched the time period thoroughly? Are there any weaknesses in the film when viewed from an historical aspect?

Remember the departmental competency:

Compose critical analysis of historical developments, incorporating originality of expression, a command of the English language and proper syntax, proper punctuation, and proper grammar usage.

Some films you may choose from include:

The Return of Martin Guerre Henry V

The Lion in Winter

A Man for All Seasons

The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc Ivanhoe

A Knights Tale

Robin Hood

Robin and Marion The Seventh Seal Braveheart Excaliber

The Name of the Rose



Anne of A Thousand Days Kingdom of Heaven Tristan and Isolde

If there is another film you would like to use, check with your instructor before viewing.

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