Family Strengths

         To expand knowledge and understanding of topics related to this course of study.  Apply  analytic principles to compare scholarly research and ‘popular’ or social media reporting.Select a peer reviewed journal article to compare to a ‘popular’ or soft-science source to summarize and critique.  Include detailed  of the sources (APA or other approved style), a brief statement of each article’s purpose or   of primary facts or point of view, and conclude with your  and the perceived significance to the study of strong families.  :  Article Analysis and Comparison            25  pointsThe comparative article analysis may be 1- 2 pages in length or approximately 500 words                                Documentation                                                   4 points                                Objective/purpose                                               4 points                                Summary/facts/strategies                                    4 points                                Reaction/significance                                          4 points                                Communication (spelling, grammar, etc.)          4 points                        Comparative Analysis                                                 5 points

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