Find a flaw in Gadflys argument or defend it against another student.

Conflicts of Freedoms

Gadfly says, Every freedom comes at the cost of some other freedom. My freedom to say what I wish conflicts with your freedom not to be offended by what I say. Therefore freedom itself is not a good thing, and we should not pursue freedom as such. We must determine what is good for society and start there, allowing only such freedoms as promote the public good.

Assignment. In your comment on a blog, you must engage either with Gadfly or with another student. You may find a flaw in Gadflys argument or defend it against another student. Or you may correct a flaw that another student has found in order to make gadflys argument stronger. You may also find a flaw in a fellow students argument.

An argument starts from premises and ends in a conclusion.

Advice. Here are some common flaws in argument:

A premise is not supported.

A premise is not true.

A premise is not stated, but merely implied and is therefore not supported.

The conclusion does not follow from the premises.

A key term is not defined.

A key term is ambiguous; it means one thing in a premise and another in the conclusion.


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