Formaldehyde Presentation

I need someone to make a powerpoint presentation that talks about formaldehyde. I should present for 30 minutes, so the powerpoint should be 27 slides at leat. Videos can\’t be included. The presentation should explain the chemical formula, physical and chemical properties, common concerns, where can we find it, what respirators do we use to protect ourselves, training program, how to reduce exposure. Also, you should use SDS to include some other important information. In addition, you should include the permissible exposure limit by OSHA time-weighted average, short exposure limit, ceiling limit and do we do if we exceed these limits. Most importantly, you should include what should we do in terms of 1. Engineering control, 2. work practice control, 3. Administrative control, and PPE. I attached a presentation talks about H2S to see what kind of information you will need.  The deadline in four days, I am willing to pay $15.

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