How will the Aging Patient Population Change the Way Health Care is Delivered in the Future?

My topic is; How will the Aging Patient Population Change the Way Health Care is Delivered in the Future? requirements for nursing research paper 1. The content of the paper must include the background or historical information, your position, rationale for your position and conclusion (see below) Format: APA pages be 81/2 X 11, typed with 1″ margins on all sides. Organized: Title page has running head on the top left header of paper and pages are numbered in the top right header. The body of the paper should be a minimum of four (4) typed pages and maximum of six(6) typed pages. This does not include title page, outline, and reference list which are required. Content: Topic is well-developed and complete. prepare an outline prior to writing the paper. This outline will be included with the paper. The content of the paper must thoroughly address the topic and include the professional practice of nursing, the background or historical information, and a conclusion with a summary of the main ideas related to the selected topic; if appropriate, include a rationale for your position. reference are to be correctly cited throughout the paper using APA format. There is to be no plagiarism Reference: Reference list using APA format with applicable citations. Appropriate selection of at least four (4) professional references published within the last three-five (3-5) years, unless cited as an historical reference. You may not use any textbooks as part of the Four (4) professional references. if you use a website be sure to cite the doi or url address. *****Please submit your research paper in the following order. – Title page – Outline ( not a table of contents and not an abstract) – The body of the research paper (minimum of 4 – maximum 6 pages) – references

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