io psy discussion question unit V

Suppose you are an I/O psychologist, working as a consultant, and you have been invited by a government agency to provide a training program for 20 middle-level managers on one of the following topics of your choice: communication skills, leadership skills, or teamwork skills. The broader mission of the government agency is to conduct research and to help address important issues through applied, scientific research. These managers were assigned to the training because they were recently promoted to leadership roles, and most lack the “soft skills” needed to perform their role as a team leader, despite being highly proficient in their fields. The managers are highly educated, holding a minimum of a Master’s degree, with many holding PhDs, or the equivalent, in various science and engineering fields. The average age is 45 years old.  Design a one-day training program, based on this description, making assumptions when necessary to fill in the details. You should choose at least two different training methods, explaining why you chose each for this training topic and audience. Set learning objectives, and then provide a description of your training program, including how you would design, administer, and evaluate the training.

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