Is it logical for Eastern European countries that have joined the EU to adopt the Euro?

This is a full research paper. You choose your own topic. You will use to submit it electronically on the due date by November the 18th 11:59 pm. You must also bring an identical hard copy to class. The two versions must be identical. Both versions must be turned in on time in order to receive full credit. Each late day (including weekends and holidays) will cost you 10% of your grade. You must use outside resources and have 7-10 full pages of text. Choice of Topic: To be decided in agreement Guidelines: 7-10 pg (max); Should explain the salience of the topic and explore key issues relating to it. You need to type your paper and any other assignment. You MUST staple your assignments I do not carry a stapler to class!!! Make sure that you include all relevant information. Name as it appears in the Banner (not the one you prefer to use daily), the title of your work, date, class information. It needs to be double spaced with one inch margins and using a 12-point font Times New Roman. The papers will be evaluated based on the quality of the arguments and analysis, organization, clarity, grammar and style and adequacy and correctness of citation. Make sure you make a clear distinction between your ideas and the ones obtained from different sources. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism and web sources are not excluded from this rule. No need for an abstract. You must have a cover page which will have all relevant information such as title, name, class, date etc. Citation style requested is APA Make sure to relate countries to Greece’s failure in the EU and also relate to others countries

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