Journal 3

Please work on the following tasks.(1) Visit  (2) Go to \”Newsroom\”(3) Go over \”Press Release\”(4) Summarize one or two Disney\’s newest strategies (strategic moves) being announced and implemented.  You do not need to use technical terms to name the strategies you found.  Rather, you should summarize a few critical strategic moves of Disney or Basic strategic approaches of Disney.  You may find overview of the strategy, why Disney is doing the strategy (Goals of the strategy), why it is critical for Disney (For their products, market share, new entry, differentiation, or globalization).   By the way, did you find any outcome???This is a free writing assignment (However, you may have to write about 3 and 4 paragraphs to make your summary sufficient!).  Do not worry about format!  I want to know how seriously you researched and analyzed, ok?Now, one suggestion to every student.  If you have factual information of a strategic move, you will argue based on the factual information as much as you can.  Then, you should start expanding the arguments with your knowledge, experiences, educated guesses, similar cases, or even imagination!  Strategists and consultants will have only so much information to develop or evaluate strategies.   Under such serious uncertainty, we have occasions to rely on our knowledge, experiences, educated guesses, similar cases, or imagination to develop best possible strategies.  If we have all factual information, we may not need strategists or consultants any more….  Thinking like a strategist requires not only information literacy and analytic skills but also sufficient knowledge, experience, intuitions, and imagination.I have told you that there would not be a definite answer in strategy.  So, try to expand any arguments as much as you can!  This is the training to become strategic!  Freely thinking based on factual information is fun!  That is why I said you should enjoy assignments!!!  I experienced that what we can really use is trained ability, not memorized knowledge.    Enjoy developing yourself!

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