journal from a discipline: open to write choosing a topic

Instruction & Requirements:
US Writer only, First language MUST BE English(U.S.) The WORD document for the assignment MUST BE in English (U.S.) No international writers No international writer that lives in the U.S. and 2nd language is English (U.S.)

Directions: Two (2) pages Typed, double-space page 12-point font, No running headings One (1)-inch margins Topic: Open to choose one Directions: Select a journal from a discipline that pertains to your specific research interests. Spend time in the library (or online) visiting the journal, reviewing it since its inception. Consider the history, development, major players, subscription rates, publication information, acceptance/publication rates, style manual, editorial board, schools of contributors, kind of work contributed, what gets published, forums/ book reviews. Explore the current trends in topics. Who is the current editor, what is their term, their philosophy. Where is it being edited? Are there editorial prefaces? What do they say? Write a report that contains the following information. Note, most of this information could be obtained from the most recent issues. Part I: Journal name Call number Years of publication and volume numbers (note title changes, if any) Issues (quarterly? semi-annually?) Years available in our library (specify if on line volumes are available and where) Facts of publication (who owns/sponsors the journal, where is it published, cost of subscription) Current editor Current style manual Specifications for submissions (page limit, format (manuscript or electronic, etc.) Anything else you think is relevant or interesting. After completing your journal review, write a 2-3 page report that synthesizes and analyzes what you discovered. Your report should synthesize the content and content changes of the journal and identify the major trends that you discovered.

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