Knowledge Management

Instruction & Requirements:
ABC hospital is having difficulty disseminating medical processes to its satellite facilities. Statistics show that patients in the main campus have a 20% recovery rate above that of the patients in the satellite locations. It has been discovered that the faculty in the main campus share their experiences and successes. As a result, colleagues at the main campus benefit from knowledge sharing and as a result treat patients much more efficiently. The hospital Administrator has hired you to develop a KM process to assist the faculty in the satellite locations to have access to the processes used in the main campus. As a member of a consulting team, you will develop a KM process to resolve this issue. Propose the best approach for the Administrator to resolve the issue and indicate whether your recommendation includes an objectivist or practice-based perspective. Provide information to support your choice.

Using the above scenario, create a power point presentation covering all of the items listed below:

Indicate how this approach will affect knowledge workers and their behavior as it relates to:

o CoPs Communities of practice

o Cross community, boundary spanning knowledge processes

o Social-cultural factors of motivation

o Potential issues

Recommend the roles of HRM, Leadership, and ICTs that will influence knowledge sharing

Indicate the expected results and benefits the organization will achieve by following this recommendations

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