List some of Steve Jobs-Leadership quotes.

Instruction & Requirements:
Essay Instructions Leadership Biographical Essay Instructions Your paper should be written as an essay in 12 point font and double-spaced. The essay should be 3-7 pages excluding title page and References page. Use headings when composing your paper. Please edit carefully; points will be deducted for grammar, spelling and sentence structure errors. The content should include: Part 1: Introduction: A Biographical Sketch (birth/death dates; hometown, family, etc.)(1-2 page) Part 2: Leadership Profile: Leadership skills, traits, characteristics, etc. You must include examples and cite leadership theories. (2-5 pages) Part 3: Your Reflection: Why you chose this leader; give examples. (1 page) Part 4: References: You must have a minimum of 3 sources appropriated cited per APA 6th Provide URLs for electronic sources Grading Scale for this assignment: Exceptional essay; exceeds all elements as noted above = 30 points Excellent discussion of the topic; meets all elements as noted above =29-27 points Good discussion of the topic; meets some of the elements as noted above = 26–21 points Attempted; met some requirements, but lacked some important required elements as noted above = -20 points 0 points

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