List the top ten reasons why a student should study engineering.

Write a brief paper listing two similarities and tow differences for each of the following engineering functions

A) Research and developments
B) Development and design
C) Design and manufacturing

D) manufacturing and operations
E) sales and customer support
F) management and consulting
List the top ten reasons why a student should study engineering.
Research some current articles about NAFTA at the library. Write an essay in which some of the current pos and cons of this agreement are disced.

Attend a foreign study orientation session or any international center, if one is available to find out more about some of the opportunities that are available. List some of the advantages and disadvantages of these opportunities as they relate to your personal priorities.

This is the last question that i told you i will give it to you late
Which of the job functions described in this chapter is most appealing to you? write a breif paper discussing why it is appealing. ( the chapter is attached Please read it to answer this question )

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