Local Area Networking Technologies

Instruction & Requirements:
Please see my comments below:

1.1 LAN techologies should be toke ring, fddi, ethernet, etc. and there should be different topologies like star, bus, ring that you should explain

1.3 Would suggest to explain about private VLAN and port security mac-address controls, these are typically used in hotel environment, you can take a look on below URLs



2.1 You have different infrastructure devices lke router, firewalls in your LAN design, as per task requirement, you need to explain each of these devices, what its function is and why you have selected that device for the job

2.2 The second LAN component you have suggested is a network software/driver which I think is inappropiate, would recommend to evaluate other hardware component such as wireless access point

3.1 You need to include both static and dynamic addresses in your scheme. You should cover both the actual addresses and address ranges used, with justification and the methods used by different devices to acquire their address. This essentially means that you should explain how DHCP works

3.3 Need to be more specific on what network tests you are going to suggest? Like ping use for network latency measurement, ftp or SMB file transfer to test download speed, traceroute to check the network path and routing.

4.1 You suggesed the tool \”Traffic Flow Analysis\”, need to provide more information including manufacturer, product and exact version or model number as appropriate, and also including supplier and price.

4.2 The context you have provided is unclear to explain what the tool can be used to identify and resolve security, reliability and performance issue, add some cases/examples to assist your explanations

4.3 I think you need write a lot of context for this task to explain how the hotel can use the statistics available to critically evaluate the performance of their network. You need to show what kind of data can be collected from the network monitoring tool that you have suggested, what are the steps for you to examinate the data so as to evaluate network performance. Examples, screen captures, flow charts should all help to answer this question

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