Magnet Designation

Instruction & Requirements:
Magnet designation by American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) is a credential that hospital in the United States can acquire. It indicates that the hospital has met certain benchmarks in quality care and that the nurses are satisfied with their work environment. ANCC advertises that when a hospital has met the rigorous demands to acquire the Magnet designation that the quality of patient outcomes improves. Based on the assumptions of the Magnet designation, has this certification been good for nursing?

Pros: Attaining the magnet designation has made a significantly positive difference for nurses in the workplace.

1. Present well documented and credible information. 2. Avoid generalizations and hyperbole. 3. Give supported, referenced reasons, not just opinions. 4.Argue the pro, explain why it works

In a primary posting

A. present the issue

B. document the health risk, health promotion, and/or disease prevention philosophy associated with the issue.

C. Present 3 arguments that support your stance.

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