Media and Crime

Media and Crime Log—Entry IIIn this module, you will have an opportunity to add to your media and crime log by applying theories presented in this course to media portrayals of crime. The American public is fascinated with crime and therefore, there is no shortage of media depictions of crimes and criminals. In this assignment, you will use the scholarly knowledge you have gained in the course to analyze how the media portrays crime.You are now familiar with biological, psychological, and sociological theories of crime. In , you wrote a log entry applying psychological theories of criminal behavior to analyze articles or news stories. In this assignment, you will write your second log entry.Research newspaper or magazine articles related to crime using the print or online news media.Select articles or news stories and apply at least theories from the biological, psychological, and/or sociological perspectives to each article or news story.Write an analysis of each article or news story addressing the following:Give complete citation for the selected article and include a digital copy if possible.Write a 2–3-page log entry in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. 

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