MGMT 301 – Strategic Plan Formulator and Implementer

Company: Company Website:  This assignment has two sections that need to be completed.  Each section is worth 95 points and will be graded separately. The Strategic Plan Formulator and Implementer will be  in order to receive a grade for each section. You can earn a badge for each section.In the first section, you will evaluate the mission, vision, and determine core values of your selected firm. What is the firm\’s strategy [from Porter’s four competitive strategies highlighted in chapter] as identified in annual report/website, or other corporate disclosures? Do all the company’s lines of business follow the same strategy, or are there various strategies evident? Minimally, identify one of Porter’s competitive strategies your firm is pursuing and state why that is the case. Are the strategic plan(s) consistent with the mission, vision, and values of the firm? Show evidence and examples to validate this firm’s formulated strategic plan.In section 2, you will analyze the intended strategy of your firm as described in annual report/website. How well has company executed this strategy? Show evidence and examples to validate how the competitive strategy has been implemented. This evidence should identify accomplishments from implementing the strategy. Annual financial reports, letters to shareholders, media reports, industry analyst reports (like Morningstar), and other disclosures will help provide this data. When providing evidence, show how the strategic plan is successful from a product or service position. Additionally, you should consider how well the company is managing its position in the industry, and/or with its customer base. Finally, you should consider how well the company is managing its financial position. Essentially, you should be able to share how well (or poorly) the strategy has been implemented.Download the  and save it to your computer. Follow the instructions on the form to fill in both Section 1 and Section 2.  Remember, you will receive a separate grade for each section.You may want to look at the rubric to consider how you will be graded before submitting assignment. The rubric for the Formulator is below. Go to the next page, the  to see how the Implementer section will be graded.Please include references cited in APA format. If you need help citing references, please visit the .When completed, submit a copy of the form to this assignment. Then, go to the next page and submit the same form to the Lesson 6: Strategic Plan Implementer assignment.  

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