Music and Arts

Instruction & Requirements:
Imagine that you have traveled back to the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair on Max Yasgur\’s farm as an attendee, August 15-18, 1969. You are standing on a long line, waiting to use a pay telephone to call home and assure your family that you are all right. Describe the overall scenewho is there and why are they there? What is important about the music? How has rock music evolved since the early 1960s?

What is memorable about your fellow festival attendees? What do you talk about with others as you wait on the line to use the telephone? What\’s on people\’s minds about the war in Vietnam? Using drugs? Free love? Changing the world? What do you plan to say when you telephone your family, especially your conservative parents? Going forward, why is Woodstock considered a significant historical event in 2017? Why might a historian consider Woodstock the apotheosis of the 1960s

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