My final essay is going to be about how African-americans have been portrayed in the past in the entertainment industry as a whole, and how they’re being portrayed now; if there have been any advancements, and how their roles are affecting the community.

Conduct research on the representation of race, gender, sexual orientation, and/or ethnicity in American culture, particularly in film, advertisements, news media, and/or sports. Your essay should pursue some of the following questions, though not all of them will be relevant, and many more will present themselves as you conduct your research: How do these images and representations affect the mainstream American perceptions of race, gender, sexual orientation, or culture? What effects do these representations have on the cultures and groups being represented? Your essay should be between 1500 and 2000 words. You must include a Works Cited page, NOT an Annotated Bibliography. Your Works Cited page does not contribute to your word count. You must cite at least five sources, including at least one scholarly article (peer-reviewed). You may use as many essays from the texts as you want, but you may only count one of them toward your five source minimum. You may use dictionaries or encyclopedias (including Wikipedia), but they are probably unnecessary and they do not count as part of your five sources.

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