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Hello Sir,We have opened a new similar platform :  We have just opened the website and are doing our last modifications. We invite you to open an account there and start uploading database there as well. In a few months, that will be the leading website and we are offering a few members the opportunity to start upfront. We have started SEO ( Search engine optimization ) and we are already above this platform as backlinks. We need a few legitimate tutors, so get this thing started.    If you join please send me a message at We have a award system: and I will add Known tutor-award ( from the rare section ). This is for members who are also know on other similar websites. This will appear on your profile, tutorials, questions and so on. People will trust you more and you will sell tutorials a lot faster.      Hope to hear from you. You can also reply here and send me an e-mail with your username, should you join our community!        If you have a database of tutorials this is what you can do : Step 1. Join the website, edit your profile, I will add an award on your profile to boost your earnings ! Step 2. Upload database :  –          Click Add Tutorial –          Complete question details – all fields are mandatory! –          Post question –          Complete answer –          The description should include the preview ( it can also be uploaded as a file ) –          Post answer

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