Nursing Leadership week 13

Instruction & Requirements:
Research the question listed below and share the information with your classmates

Address all the points listed in the question

All citations and references should be in APA format

Share with your peers:

What are your area(s) of expertise?

How do you maintain and develop your competency?

How does your organization assess/evaluate your competency?

How do you see your role in contributing to the staff development of yourself and co-workers?

How do you see your organization fostering staff development?

As you create your identify as a nurse leader, think about the various roles of mentor, coach and preceptor. Discuss your existing skills and abilities in these areas and your assumptions about what it takes to be an exceptional nurse mentor, coach, and preceptor. What assumptions about yourself and who you are, do you think you will need to change to be successful in these roles?

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