Organizational Management

  Contemporary Leaders  Provide a written response (250 – 350 words) to the following:Choose a public figure you are familiar with (you know the individual, you have read about the person in magazines and newspapers, or you have seen him or her on TV) who is in a leadership position.  The person could be a leader in politics or government (at the national, state or local level), a leader in your community, a prominent corporation leader, or a leader at the college or university you attend.  For the leader you have selected, answer the following questions:1. What traits does this leader appear to possess?2.What behaviors does this leader engage in?3.Is this leader relationship-oriented or task-oriented?  Provide an example to support your view.4.How does this leader try to motivate his or her followers? 5.Is this a transformational leader?  Why or why not? 

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