Over-representation of minorities in special education

Instruction & Requirements:
Write Methodology Introduction and research design . . . follow the template!

see template below

Chapter 3: Research Method (half page) [TextBegin with an introduction and restatement of the research problem and purpose. Acceptable formatting allows a repeat of the problem and purpose from Chapter 1 verbatim. Also include a brief overview of the contents of this chapter. Include a statement that identifies the general research methods and overarching goal of the study. Conclude the introduction to Chapter 3 with a brief overview of the Chapter.] Research Design (1 1/2 page) [TextAccurately describe the research method and design(s). Substantiate the appropriateness of the method and design(s); include a statement about why the method/design(s) was/were chosen over others. Be sure to cite alternative approaches considered and why these were determined to be not appropriate. Be sure to use current and peer-reviewed research in substantiating your claims. Elaborate on the chosen research design (e.g., case study, phenomenology, comparative, correlation, quasi-experimental, etc.) appropriateness to respond to the study purpose. Clearly describe the design steps. Ensure the discussion is not simply a listing and description of research designs. Provide appropriate support for the use and application of the chosen design. Include any pilot testing which may have been undertaken. Listing the steps is not appropriate for the dissertation. The methods approach chosen needs to be substantiated with current peer reviewed research and textbooks and include why the design chosen will help accomplish the study intentions and why the design is the optimum choice for the research. Chapter 3 should be written so the study could be replicated if needed.] ****

End template

I will attach my current research design, please rework it . . . I will need you to create the introduction to Methodology . . . I down loaded my research design . . . my mentor suggested to add citations from Creswell and Yin . . . I also sent chapter one so the writer could follow the theme of the paper…

Here is what I started . . . Research Methodology and Design A qualitative collective case study anchored by multi-perspectival analyses approach will focus on a comparison of enrollment in special education based on cultures from an urban, suburban and rural county perspective. The benefit of the qualitative approach is that the information is richer and has a deeper insight into the phenomenon under study. The collective case study presents an opportunity to make comparisons, build theory, and propose generalizations (Leedy & Ormrod, 2010). The collective case study is the design of choice, since the relevant characteristics with in the Special Education referral process and placement of high incidence disabilities are likely to be numerous, only a few combinations are needed to conduct the research using this case study design. When the approach is applied correctly, it becomes a valuable method for health science research to develop theory, evaluate programs, and develop interventions (Yin 2010). The Qualitative case study methodology and design provides strategies to study complex phenomena within the context of the research. My mentor stated that it needs citations from Creswell and Yin . . . he also stated that I need to follow the template and add an introduction according to the template . . . the template is in the body of the order. This is what I need you to do: 1) Create an introduction for Chapter 3 Methodology according to the template 2) Create a qualitative research method and design, similar to what I started. 3) I will down load Chapter one so you will be able to follow the direction of the paper.

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