Over-representation of Minorities in Special Education

Research Method A qualitative collective case study anchored by multi-perspective analyses approach will focus on a comparison of enrollment in special education based on cultures from both an urban and rural county perspective. The benefit of the qualitative approach is that the information is richer and has a deeper insight into the phenomenon under study. The collective case study presents an opportunity to make comparisons, build theory, and propose generalizations (Leedy & Ormrod, 2010). This triangulated research strategy using three data collection processes may provide details about the context surrounding the case, which would include physical environment and any historical, economical, and social factors that may have any bearing on minorities in special education. In addition, since it is grounded in the philosophy of epistemologythe study of knowledgeand accepts the value of individual accounts (perceptions), a qualitative methodology is beneficial for learning more about the effect of special education programs on relevant stakeholders. A multicultural theoretical perspective about the phenomenon enables the analysis of belief systems, views and opinions of stakeholders while allowing assumptions to be made through three methods of data collection.

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