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Instruction & Requirements:
Your final paper will consist of a consolidation study. You are to make a case either for or against the benefits of consolidation. You can use the fire department from your Week 4 paper or choose another fire department. In many areas of the country, fire departments are undergoing consolidation. As communities grow and populations increase, some fire departments are considering combining with other departments in order to avoid duplication of services, reduce costs, and a variety of other reasons.

You are to choose a fire department (\”Department A\”) and analyze the services offered to the citizens. Assume that a neighboring department (\”Department B\”) provides similar fire services, although possibly at a different level. Your goal with this paper is to determine whether or not there are benefits to consolidating two fire departments into a single department.

Assume your are a Fire Chief of \”Department A\” that is considering absorbing \”Department B.\” You are writing this paper to make a case to your City Council or County Council as to whether or not it would be advantageous to consolidate and absorb \”Department B.\”

Part 1. Report on the overall budget of both fire departments. Include the populations covered, the size of the departments, number of stations, services offered, ISO rating, etc. Give an overall view of both of the departments\’ budget.

Part 2. Make an argument as to whether or not consolidation of services into a single department would make sense from a financial standpoint. Analyze whether or not it would make sense to combine budgets in order to offer the same fire services, or possibly even better fire services, to the citizens to be covered under the consolidated fire department.

Part 3. Explain how you would handle the change from two fire departments into a single department. If you are for consolidation, how would your command structure change? How would you absorb the personnel from the other fire department? Would you keep the same staffing at all of the stations? Would you keep all the stations open, or are there some that could be closed? How would you handle fire prevention and inspection efforts? If you are against consolidation, explain why.

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