Policy Proposal Project

Instruction & Requirements:
Your final PPP is written in narrative format as if you were actually in a professional setting. Please write the document as a memo. Clearly show if your document is prepared for your client or your audience.

Rely on the Policy Analysis Final Product Organization to provide the structure to organize your final document.

Use the Checklist attachment as a guide.

The Kingdon Model must be used to predict likelihood for change.

Research your topic thoroughly and document all your sources.

Be comprehensive but also concise.


Gather information for your Background and Landscape.

Consider common fiscal variables: cost (and viable funding), benefit (return on investment), and feasibility (popularity, acceptability).

Ultimately whatever you recommend will have a cost associated with it. Identify what is at stake as an implicit step in justifying cost.

Use the Kingdon concepts to examine your policy solutions chances for implementation.

Examine how the three streams are likely to influence your issue rising on the public agenda.

Is a window of opportunity opening?

Is this an incremental change or a crisis?

Develop understanding of the significant stakeholders and the competing interests of the stakeholders (those likely to support and likely to oppose).

Think about the positive and negative aspects of each option according to criteria (cost, legal issues, political feasibility, etc.) that your client would specify as important.

Policy Option List:

Develop your list of policy (solution) options. You will provide multiple options with one preferred solution.

Rely on research. You are NOT expected to figure out a miracle answer or to creatively reinvent the wheel when deciding on solution options for your PPP!

Generate a list.

Solution options can come in many forms including but not limited to the following:

new legislation

current legislation perhaps from other states or localities

legislation that has died or has sunset provisions

current federal, state, or agency guidelines or regulations applied differently or to another area of policy

public policy initiatives from advocacy organizations or membership organizations

new proposals for legislation, regulations, other policies

developing policy currently in the \”pipeline\” of an organization or government entity

Consider areas for compromise.

Consider the possible consequences of action as well as the possible consequences of inaction.

Remember that do nothing can be a solution alternative.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The availability of funding indicates public priorities and placement on the public agenda. Dollars won\’t fix a problem … but lack of dollars can limit opportunity to fix a problem. Generally, you will find that funding and awareness activities will increase if the subject rises on the public agenda … not the other way around. Money (by itself) is NOT a solution. Increasing awareness (by itself) is NOT a solution.

Solution Options:

In order to strengthen the solution selection process, you are encouraged to generate a summary matrix (side-by-side table) that offers a snapshot comparative analysis for the options you are proposing.

In presenting alternatives, you will generate a comparative set of options for each.

Compare competing interests.

Distill relevant information down to the essential points in order for your client to completely understand why you choose the final recommendation out of the options you offer.


Choose one alternative from the range of your considered options. The solution (policy) must help to resolve the issue (problem).

Your solution recommendation must correlate with your client intentions.

Explain your rationale for your choice: WHY this solution should be adopted.

You are formulating policy- your policy solution should NOT have the following words (or any variation): \”Develop a policy\”, \”Adopt a policy\”, \”Write a guideline\”.

When thinking about your preferred policy solution, consider the SMART goal principles:

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely

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