Present the central marketing issue/problem in 3 to 4 sentences.

-present the central marketing issue/problem in 3 to 4 sentences

-list the specific strengths, weaknesses,  opportunities and threats present in the case

-identify which of the swot factors are most critical to the organization’s on going success and why (1-2 pages)

-Describe three unique alternative solutions to the central issue/problem ( each alternative description should be at least one page in length and should be comprehensive – in other words, it should not be feasible or appropriate to implement more than one alternative in each alternative should clearly address target market and relevant product, pricing, promotion and disctibution strategies)

– reccomend one strategy alternative and include a two to three paragraph justification of your recommendation, drawing upon the results of the SWOT analysis and providing clear linkage back to the central marketing issue/problem.


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