Prompt for Essay: Writing about Literature through a Critical Lens

Instruction & Requirements:
Prompt for Essay: Writing about Literature through a Critical Lens

Write a 3-4 page essay that analyzes Hamlet by Shakespear using one of the Literary Criticism Approaches to analyze the play. Use in-text citations for at least 3 direct references to lines in the excerpt and make sure that you are analyzing rather than summarizing. It should be in 12pt font, double spaced, have standard margins and a Works Cited page (which does not contribute to you page count, i.e. you must have a minimum of 3 pages of writing). Topics to consider as you choose what to write about:



Politics & Power (examples: democracy, monarchy the role of political figures)

Rebellion/Resistance/The Power (or lack thereof) of Protest


Characters and how they interact

Identity (consider when faced with another culture)


Gender roles


Consumer Culture

Homosexuality/LGBTQ rights and perspectives


Class Systems


Excesses and/or Frivolity

Any specific character as an allegory or symbol

A character analysis of one character or comparing two characters



Innocence & Virtue



Use the literary elements and techniques we have discussed to illuminate your point (i.e. irony, symbolism, imagery, metaphor, simile, repetition, setting, narrative method, dialogue, mood or tone, foreshadowing) etc and use the following literary criticism approach to make your analysis:

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