Pros and Cons of having Cosmetic Surgery to improve your appearance

Instruction & Requirements:
The qulaitative research proposal MUST include at least ten (10) academic sources (journal articles, reports by government agencies or professional organizations, textbooks, or books by scholars) to be found byt the writer. It MUST be 8 pages in length. It MUST be formatted using ASA writing style not APA. The literature review MUST be organized around the themes or topics that the sources cover. There MUST be a transition paragraph that summarizes the preceding Literature Review, and points out the gaps in the previous literature that your proposed project aims to fill and/or outlines how your proposed project will relate to/pick up on theories/unresolved questions found in the literature.The next section MUST be a proposed Methodology. In this section, discuss how to operationalize the concept(s), what the population of interest will be, how to find interviewees, and what kind of questions will be asked.The next section will be the proposed Analysis Strategy. Discuss the type(s) of coding that will be used, and preliminary coding schemes you expect to apply.Before closing, briefly mention the expected timeline that the project will follow (8weeks is allowed timeframe. Conclude with the contribution you hope to make with your research project. Make sure there is exact symmetry between the sources cited within the body of the paper, and

the references listed at the end. Everything cited is referenced, and everything referenced is cited. Both should be in proper ASA format. It MUST include a properly formatted reference list. The writer MUST find TEN sources.

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