Public policy (Human Genome Editing) ethics and governance

Instruction & Requirements:
Before the instruction, FYI: Genome editing should only be used under the strict guidance and should not be used for making humans into super humans. The purpose of this assignment is two-fold. First, you are to incorporate what we have learned about interest group organizations in describing your own fictional organization. Second, you are constructing an argument in favor of your policy proposal and then arguing why your interest group will be able to help pass the proposal. This type of writing is typically challenging, so I am outlining my expectations below. The total maximum points for each section are listed below. 1. Policy proposal and introduction of your interest group: In this section, you are to briefly describe the policy you will propose as well as introduce your interest group. This should be 1-2 paragraphs, and it must include a thesis statement of your proposal. (10points) Examples of policies: Increasing the size of Pell Grants to reduce the student loan burden. Repeal of Common Core education standards. Instituting a stipend system for student athletes. 2. Analysis/proposal: In this section, you will describe your policy proposal and provide evidence for why you think that your proposal should be implemented. Here you will rely on outside sources (6 academic sources at a minimum) to provide evidence for why your proposal is a good idea. Using the outside sources, try to develop a deeper understanding of the problem and your policy proposal. Do not summarize those sources! Rather, use them as evidence to explain why your policy proposal is a good one. A good analysis will not only provide evidence in support of your proposal, it will also address potential counterarguments. In addressing counterarguments, you should explain why the point is wrong rather than simply ignoring it or dismissing it without due attention. This section should be 4-5 paragraphs long (40 points). 3. Interest group information: In this section, you will describe your interest group. Be sure to address the following: a. What is the name of your interest group? What level of government will you focus on (federal, state, or local)? b. What type of benefits will you provide to overcome collective action problems? Be specific. c. Identify the nature of the benefits for which your organization lobbies. Are they narrow or broad? Economic or noneconomic? Technical or broadly ideological? Are they collective goods? d. Discuss the public opinion context of your organizations interest. (i.e., describe two ways you will rally public opinion in support of your proposal) e. Discuss your organizations relationship with political parties. Which party do you work with? How will you engage with that party? If you will not engage with a party, what strategy will you develop to engage with government officials? This section is meant to both incorporate what we have learned about interest groups this semester as well as to be a fun challenge. This section should be approximately 4-5 paragraphs. (40 points) 4. Conclusion: In your conclusion, restate your policy proposal and how your interest group will support the passage of the proposal. This should be no longer than one paragraph. (5 points) 5. Grammar: Spelling, style, correct use of the English language. (5 points)

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