Red Kayak Assighnment

Instruction & Requirements:
Red Kayak Assignment

Answer the following questions in an essay. Do NOT list!

Start with an introduction, which summarizes what you will be writing about.

Choose a target person on which to focus your writing. Who is it?

What have you learned about this persons background? At what stage of development does the person seem to be, according to Piaget and Erikson? Give an example.

How is the person doing now?

What barriers exist for this person to succeed in school and/or life?

What are the expectations for this person in the future? Do you think they have a good chance of achieving a positive outcome?

What would you like to see change for this person? Do you have any recommendations?

What effect do the adults have on this persons life? (Include teachers and/or parents.) What effect do the peers have on this persons life?

What is your personal response to the book? Did you like reading it, not like it? Why or why not? Would you like to read more of the book, if you didnt finish it? Could you relate to any of the characters or situations or not. Explain. Do you think it was an important topic to write about and for you to read about? How so? Do you think this book was relevant to our class? In what way? Would you recommend this book to anyone? Who, why? Any other comments or reactions to the book?

End with a conclusion, which summarizes the book and what you wrote about.

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