Research Tax Memo Assignment Case.

Research Tax Memo Assignment Case: Sabrina Student is a full-time student at Florida International University (FIU), majoring in Physics. Sabrina is considered by most as a brilliant student and has been given a $20,000-per-year scholarship. In the current year, Sabrina pays the following to attend FIU: Tuition $ 14,000 Required Lab Fees $300 Required Books & Supplies $1,000 Room and Board $4,800 Sabrina is smart enough to know what she doesn’t know (that’s one of the reasons that she is considered brilliant) and wants to find out the tax consequences regarding this scholarship. She knows you are a CPA and an FIU graduate, two things that make you an excellent choice in Sabrina’s book (another indication of her brilliance). You have a meeting scheduled with her and want to make sure that you live up to Sabrina’s trust. Instructions: Write a memo to the file (2-5 pgs.) using the format indicated below. This memo should include the following sections: facts, each issue identified as a question, a conclusion for each issue and analysis for each conclusion. The analysis of each issue should include only primary authority as support for your conclusions. There is a list of the proper references for all items that are primary authority contained in your course blackboard shell. Examples of primary authority include: the IRS Code, IRS regulations, Revenue Rulings, Court Cases… Textbooks, websites, IRS publications, etc. are examples of editorial content, not law and therefore not primary authority. This assignment must be submitted using the turnitin dropbox contained in the blackboard shell. It will be checked for plagiarism, so remember to paraphrase. Additional Information Given the importance of writing skills in today’s business environment, written assignments will be subject to rigorous evaluation. Examples of file memoranda can be found at the M. Tx. Writing Website located at Assignments will be evaluated on: • Completion of assigned task (instructions) • Quality of content and research • Presentation of material


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