Review and analyze/discuss the related issues of a specific topic.

In each essay you will do a literature review and analyze/discuss the related issues of a specific topic. The topics can be, but not limited to: Information Retrieval (IR) in library context; understanding IR user, vocabulary control in IR; and effectively evaluating IR system For each essay, it shall contain the following subsections: Introduction (1 page) Literature review of THREE topic related research papers (2-3 pages). Critical analysis and discussions (1-2 pages) Summary and conclusions (1 page) Reference list (1 page) The number of page for each subsection is only for your reference. Even though each essay includes a literature review, it is also important that you do not turn this essay into an overview or a tutorial. Instead, you need to apply the theories you learned from the class to critically discuss some issues regarding a topic. Remember, each essay in the dossier will be graded individually. For the literature review, please Do not simply concatenate several abstracts from papers; Do not choose all THREE literatures from class reading materials (you can only use ONE if you want). ** I have an example I can provide

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