School Counseling Group Discussion Question

Instruction & Requirements:
Question: The school nurse has reported a number of students dealing with the issue of eating disorders. You have met with many of these students and have referred them to outside resources while supporting their educational and personal/social progress in the school.

However, now there is concern that many juniors (primarily females) who are struggling with eating disorders are \”flying below the radar\”. The plan is to implement a group to address the issues and concerns of these students (many of whom are not yet identified)

What types of ethical issues (use ASCA code of ethics to clarify/be specific) should you consider before planning and implementing your group?

Why did you choose these?

How might you deal with the ethical concerns?

Address all aspect of the question above.

Use the ASCA code of ethics for one of the sources:

ANOTHER 1 or 2 source(S) should be :

Greenberg, K. R. (2003). Group counseling in k-12 schools: A handbook for school counselors. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.


Corey, G., Corey, M., Callanan, P., & Russell, J. M. (2015). Group Techniques (4th ed.). Monterey, CA: Brooks/Cole.

Attached is Greenberg. I don\’t have the other textbook.

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