Singapore Airlines analysis (2000 words)

Company: Singapore Airlines Country: Singapore Introdution (100 words)Description of the companyNature of its business Country background (100 words)Why is Singapore a good country for singapore Airlines. Pestel analysis (600 words)-include a  pestel diagram-describe factors and how the company is affected by the factor Porter five forces (600 words)-include a diagram-Describe all 5 forces and how the company market environment is affected by the forces 4 Strategic recommendations (400 words)recommendations to solves problems uncovered in Pestel and porter five forces Conclusion (200 words)Conclude on the current state of the company and the opertating environment Reineforce the points cover in the essay Format2000 words +-10%Times new roman 12, spacing 1.5APA intext citationMinimium 10 Acadamic ReferencesUse only google scholar, no wikipedia please 

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