Sociology – What are we told we must do to reach these goals?)

Instruction & Requirements:
Instructions When discussing deviance and why people commit crimes, it is important to understand how these theories work at the individual level. Students will better understand how strain theory explains individual behaviors and attitudes, and how this could possibly lead to deviance upon completing the assignment.

The assignment allows you to take a closer look at the Structural Strain Theory and how it applies to your own life. Choose a cultural goal (one that you personally hold as well) and think about the institutionalized and personal means needed to reach this goal. From this, you will then determine what path you take (conformity, innovation, ritualism, retreatism), and what the others paths may look like if they were chosen.

Assignment Instructions

General Requirements:

Five well-structured paragraphs Times New Roman font, 12 pt., one-inch margins Title page, Reference page, In-text citations Proper grammar, spelling Specific Instructions:

Review the structural strain theory. Write one paragraph summary explaining this theory. Select a cultural goal (i.e. having a family, earning a degree, obtaining a job, purchasing a house, having money) which you hope to achieve in your future. This goal should be shared many people within society. Next, think about what the institutional and personal means of achieving this goal are (i.e. how does one get these things? What must one do in society to achieve this goal? What are we told we must do to reach these goals?). These two items should make up your second paragraph. In looking at your goal, how will you choose to reach it? Will you follow the institutionalized means (the way society tells you to do this- what you explained above), or will you chose a different way (what is this way). Then think about what type this puts you into (the conformist, the innovator, the ritualist, the retreatist). In the third paragrpah explain the category and why you fit this type? Consider some problems that could occur. What are some roadblocks you may run into? What could prevent you from taking the path you want, or achieving your goal as you had planned (perhaps debt, or illness/injury, family problems etc.)? If this happens, explain what your reaction would be (do you change the goal, change the means, or keep trying the same way?), and what new group this would place you into (conformist, ritualist, retreatist, innovator). Finally, consider the rebellion type. Rebels are those who dont accept the goals of the society or means of society. Instead of retreating, they rebel and create their own new goals and new means. Develop an example of someone in society who has done this? How does this type of person affect all of society? Submit your completed assignment as either an .RTF or a .DOC file to this dropbox by the due date listed in the Course Schedule in the Course Information section of Content.

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