The proportion of kindergarten students in the DEF School District who walk to school is equal to 10% The proportion of drivers who live in the city of GHI who listen to the radio while driving is less than 40% B) State the claim symbolically (i.e. using mathematical symbols). For the above example claims this would look like: p > 0.75 p = 0.10 p < 0.40   State H0. (Hint: Given your symbolic claim above, follow the flowchart in Figure 8-2 (p. 385) to identify H0. It will be a mathematical expression with p and an equal sign.) State H1. (Hint: Given your symbolic claim above, follow the flowchart in Figure 8-2 (p. 385) to identify H1. It will be a mathematical expression with p and either a greater-than sign, a less-than sign, or a not-equal sign.) (Hint: You should describe a procedure for obtaining a random sample from the stated population and since you are testing a population proportion, the end result should be some number of \"successes\", say x, out of a sample size of n where you create x and n for the purpose of this example. ) A) Describe how a sample of data for testing the claim was obtained. B) State the sample size, n, and what was recorded for each item in the sample.    Chapter 8-3 describes a number of ways to test the claim about the proportion given the sample data. For this assignment, use the Critical Value Method (p. 402). A) First tell why the three requirements on the top of p. 400 are satisfied. B) Calculate and show the test statistic.  A) Using the test statistic and critical value(s) in part V state why you reject or fail to reject H0. B) Then based on part A), state the conclusion in words using Table 8-3 on p. 391.

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