Students are to select two companies to compare and contrast the organizational culture of both companies.

Assignment: Compare and Contrast Paper Students are to select two companies to compare and contrast the organizational culture of both companies. This assignment works best if you select organizations that have extreme cultural differences. As you construct the document, consider the comparison content (similarities) and the contrast content (differences). 1. Clarify a point(s) that is already known or understood about the organizations. 2. Highlight the similarities and differences. 3. Emphasize why one organization’s culture is more effective than the other. There are several ways to construct the document but the following are the most common. 1. Point by point (Most commonly used) 2. Subject by subject Point by point Introduction: The thesis statement introduces the specific topic. For example, IBM and Xerox are excellent companies to work at, but each company has different ideas toward performance promotions. (The assignment should focus on the organization’s culture). This information is usually found in the mission/vision statements of the company. Body of the Paragraph 1: IBM requires an employee to work for the company five years before being considered for a promotion based on performance. Xerox will promote an employee six months after receiving their first performance evaluation. Body of Paragraph 2: IBM believes in promoting from within the organization, whereas Xerox usually seeks external applicants to promote. Conclusion: Summary of main points. Significance of the topic. The assignment should adhere to the 6th edition of the APA manual. All written assignments are required to be a minimum of 4 pages (title and reference pages are not included) and no longer than 10 pages. Four pages for this assignment should be sufficient to indicate that you have an understanding of the companies you are comparing and contrasting.


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