Summarize the role of the DNP in theory, research, and scholarship

Discussion of cultural competence, collaboration, and the CCNE DNP Essentials should be integrated into each section of the paper as appropriate. The following section should be included and denoted through APA section headings in the paper: a. Introduction b. The DNP role in nursing theory c. The DNP as a researcher d. The DNP as a scholar e. Conclusion. (paper should be 3-5 pages in length).

The doctor of Nursing Practice A guidebook for role Development and Professional Issues third edition, Lisa Astalos Chism chp. 4. we were told to perform a scholarly search exploring cultural competence and collaboration in theory, research, and scholarship as it pertains to the DNP role. Examine the CCNE DNP Essentials and consider how these concepts could guide the DNP in the practice of theory, research, and scholarship. Synthesize your ideas and decide what you want to focus on in the paper. Write an introduction and summarizes this. formulate a thesis statement that provided a summary of what will be explored in the paper. Using the text and scholarly inquiry write about the DNP prepared nurse\’s role in theory, in research, scholarship, consider how the CCNE standards support these roles and discuss this. also discuss how you might collaborate with others either within your discipline or outside of nursing to facilitate outcomes in this regard. Summarize the role of the DNP in theory, research, and scholarship. summarize the elements that play a significant role in these roles as discussed in the paper. (Doctorate Degree in Nursing not a PhD)

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